Fixing America, Step 1: Start Givin’ a Crap

Step 1: Start giving a crap.

Most of us American people accept the fact that “politicians are sleezy liars” instead of “honest citizens”.  WHY?

But if WE the People are Honest citizens, why do we accept “sleezy liars” to represent us?

Maybe we need to admit to ourselves that America needs Fixin’, because We the People, stopped giving a crap.

If you neglect any house, car, family OR COUNTRY, it will eventually fall apart due to neglect.


We pay so much attention to sports, social media and silly distractions to the point that we fail to realize that we failed to see that Congress is currently getting paid $172.50 PER HOUR to spend Trillions with a “T” on wars, while leaving 1 in 3 veterans, literally homeless.

This does not happen “magically”.  This happens because the Politicians have us trained to believe the DEMOrats and the RepubliCANTS are separate entities, while writing each other spending contracts, pocket lining laws, pardons and more.

We, the American people need to start actually Giving a Crap so we can proceed to Step 2: Stop the Crap