How to Fix America, Step 2: Stop the Crap

Now that we started giving a crap, we need to focus on the SOLUTION, instead of the problem.

As employERS, the American people need to do what our greatest corporations do, get rid of non performers.

In order to fix America, while restoring balance and power to the People, all Members of Congress, the House of Representatives and Supreme Court Justices will IMMEDIATELY receive a wage adjustment equal to the current minimum wage.  There will be no need for committees of politicians nor discussions.  The WILL of the PEOPLE is the only thing required because the PEOPLE ARE THE employER.

It would make sense that when we, America, go back to demanding basic principles like Keeping promises from our Servants, that we must also punish those that clearly committed treason against the people via misrepresentation and/or abuse of power.  Congress Members especially, should be held to higher standards of accountability instead of “Shield by title”.

Our employees, the Politicians’ rampant abuse of power, have been felonious acts of treason against the very people they swore an Oath to protect.  America will see Justice, now that WE decided to Stop the Crap, let’s put POWER back to the PEOPLE.

keep America clean

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